What is Archery

What is Archery

Archery is a sport and leisure activity for everyone. Boys and girls of all ages can join in and have an excellent time on the shooting range or in the woods.

Archery is an individual sport, and you are free to decide for yourself how much you want to make out of archery. Many people have great pleasure in using archery as recreation and relaxation – and to relax with. Others set goals that they try to achieve, after which they set new goals, and still, others have the skills to become among the world’s best archers.

What is Archery

What is Archery

Archery requires most of all concentration, and that one becomes able to make the same movements shot by shot. It is relatively difficult to achieve high precision, and many are bitten by the pursuit of shooting their arrows the same every time. Archery sharpens one’s ability to immerse oneself, sharpens one’s patience, and sharpens one’s ability to be calm in stressful situations. Everything and more, these are qualities that are good to take with you into everyday life.

In many cases, you can access your club’s shooting ranges at all times, which is why you have the opportunity to train at the times that suit you best, in addition to the set training times. The social gathering over a cup of coffee or soda is often highly valued among archers of all ages, making training sessions a pleasant time to look forward to.

In principle, there are three main disciplines in archery: target shooting, field shooting, and 3D.

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Target shooting takes place by firing at “faces” – paper targets divided into ten circular point zones into five different colors and mounted on target targets. The size of these faces varies with the distances shot at.

Indoors, shooting at a distance of 18 m for adults and then using a face that is 40 cm in diameter. Outdoors, shooting at distances between 30 m and up to 90 m, for adults. At the most extended distances, the face is 122 cm in diameter.

Field shooting takes place in the terrain – often in forest areas. Here, shots are also fired at “faces” that have been fitted with shooting discs. These faces are different in color and point division than the corresponding target shooting faces. You can shoot at both unknown and known distances.

3D takes place just like with field shooting out in the terrain, but you shoot on 3-Dimensional models of different animals. It simulates to some extent the conditions that one encounters during archery – but is a relatively common form of shooting, cultivated by all kinds of archers, girls, and boys of all ages.

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It is pretty fun and cozy to walk around the terrain with his patrol and shoot at the various animal figures – at unknown distances.

Bowhunting is generally forbidden in Denmark, but if you have an ordinary hunting license, you can get a hunting license valid for five years for bow hunting through a particular hunting course and an exceptional hunting test. Then you have to take a new hunting test to renew your bow hunting badge.

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