Trail Camera: The opinion of a hunter

The camera is a very useful accessory to monitor the passage of animals in a forest or the woods. Seasoned hunters, therefore, tend to use it, but not only them, since this camera can have much more extensive surveillance functions.

As a hunter above all, monitoring a hunting area will give you a real insight into the game clans that are within your reach. You will no longer have to rely solely on your simple hunting instinct, but you will also have evidence to support it. The hunting camera will take photos or videos as the animals pass, and you can then view them with a rested head.

Hunting camera: the advantages for a hunter

The main advantage for a hunter is the preparation or anticipation that the hunting camera will offer him. This, given that it is a much more efficient tool than a night watchman since he has a very long autonomy and he remains attentive to the slightest movement without slackening. You will be able to know or not what type of game is present in a specific place, what its behavior and habits are, and you can even continue your research on a larger perimeter.

The hunting camera will therefore prevent you from wasting time and in some waymarking out your route. There’s also a sense of security in understanding what kind of game you’ll be playing. Goodbye, therefore, the effect of surprise, which could have confused some hunters and thus reduce their chance of being able rather track and surprise deer, wild boars, hares, foxes, etc.

Observing the behavior of animals can also help you develop your skills as a hunter. In short, using a hunting camera ensures that your activity is more reflective, ceasing to be a kind of “blind test,” a job is done blindly.

Criteria for choosing a hunting camera model

Each material has its specificities, and for hunting cameras, you will need to consider the essential aspects to consider in choosing the best hunting camera for 2021. The selection criteria may be numerous, but all of them quite important to consider. Help you assess the effectiveness and quality of the product that will accompany you for your surveillance project, day and night.

Resistance and solidity of the hunting camera

Whatever may be said, the trail camera is an accessory that is very often used outdoors. This makes it vulnerable and subjects it to bad weather, rain, and various risks of deterioration (fall, contact with an animal, etc.).

The guarantees of solidity about the manufacturing equipment are therefore important to evaluate, as well as the level of tightness (IP 55, IP 66, depending on the model), which can be very high for certain products placed on the market.

In addition to the build quality of the case itself, there is the resistance of the brackets that will be used to properly secure your camera to a tree, a wall, a pole, or any other place, allowing the appropriate use of your device.

Video and photosensor performance

Your picture and video system must be capable of producing high-resolution images. Image quality can be excellent, as well as average and satisfactory for a hunter who just wants to spot scout. You will get black and white photos and movies overall, but with a sharpness that will depend on the number of pixels allocated for each device: 16 to 20 megapixels, depending on the model.

As long as you do, and whatever they need that drives you to buy a hunting camera, you will have everything to gain by purchasing the accessory that will provide you with the highest image resolution.

Good night vision from the hunting camera

The hunting camera is to be used in broad daylight as it can be during the night, thanks to the passive infrared lighting. It must be admitted, however, that perfect night vision is essential because the large part of the movements that will have to be monitored will certainly take place during the night.

Whether it is a question of monitoring the little thieves’ merry-go-round or a gathering of wild boar, it’s a safe bet that your accessory will have to be ready for night shots. The more your infrared will extend to several nanometers (noted “nm” to designate the wavelength), the more you will have an accentuated visibility when the space to be filmed or photographed becomes dark.

Motion detector capacity

The motion detector is a central element of the device, which makes the hunting camera so exceptional. Indeed, the device is in standby mode if it does not detect the presence of any animal or human being for a long time. As soon as motion is detected, images are captured almost immediately, as it is very often only a matter of milliseconds (0.2-0.3 seconds) for the camera to restart.

The expected performance is also reflected in the detection angle, which can go up to 125 or 130 degrees for some hunting cameras. The movement detector’s range can also be very wide, ranging between 5 and 20 meters, to ensure that nothing goes unnoticed in your surveillance area. As a result, good sensitivity is critical to the proper operation of your hunting camera.

SD card of the hunting camera

Hunting cameras always and normally have an SD card that will allow you to collect recorded videos and photographs. So make sure that this recording medium has a large storage capacity, and luckily you will find models that offer you the camera and the SD card at the same time.

Otherwise, you will have to get yourself one that has plenty of storage space. I advise you, for my part, to choose an SD card of at least 32 GB. Indeed, the device should not stop recording just at the most crucial moments.

Existence of an LCD TV screen

The LCD screen option is not found on all trail camera models. It is, however, very useful for testing and checking how the images will be output. If the remote control is available, you will even be able to shoot a video or take a photo to preview what your device will provide in terms of clarity of images.

Even before moving your data to a smartphone or device, you can use the LCD screen to display the images and watch the films you’ve already captured. It is therefore very practical as an additional feature.

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