12 tips to prepare a perfect bike trip

Traveling by bicycle allows you to enjoy the environment in freedom, travel the world feeling the wind on your face and go along little-traveled roads. The cycling is for those who like to go to them at their own pace, improvise and let go.

12 tips to prepare a perfect bike trip

More and more people are encouraged to do without the more conventional means of transport and start their journey on a bicycle. Throughout the world there are numerous routes that have been adapted, especially for cyclists.

However, whether you are going to travel Argentina from north to south or discover the cycling routes of Mallorca , any bike trip , longer or shorter, needs prior preparation. The vehicle must be ready, the saddlebags and of course our physical condition.

If you are thinking of trying cycle tourism, pay attention to these tips to prepare a bicycle trip:

Organize your trip

Start preparing your trip a few weeks before and make lists with everything you need or have to organize. Adapt them to the peculiarities of your trip, the expected weather conditions and the destination or route you have chosen.

Adapt the distance to your level

The one who does the most kilometers is not more adventurous. Set a destination according to your abilities, ride at your own pace and enjoy the experience. It is the best advice to prepare a bicycle trip.

Get the bike ready

Choose a bicycle that adapts to the needs of your trip and that has the following accessories: rear-view mirror, front and rear luggage rack, lights … And always carry spare parts and tools in case you have to do any repairs on the way.

Prepare the saddlebags

Remember that the more weight you carry, the more you will have to drag all the way. Try to balance the saddlebags by carrying less weight on the front ones and loading the rear ones more.

Learn basic mechanics

You don’t have to become an expert, but you should at least know how to put a patch on a flat tire. Afterwards, try to do almost daily maintenance on the bike to reduce the possibility of breakdowns.

Document everything

When you start the journey, try to save as much information as you can or write down notes in a notebook. In addition to being a nice memory of your first experience traveling by bicycle, it can be used to make recommendations to other people in the future.


Whatever your destination, let yourself be surprised along the way. Dare to go off the beaten path, improvise and live new experiences. You will meet different places and new people.

Define a schedule

Try to define how many hours you are going to pedal each day and when you will. When it’s summer and the sun beats down, it’s best to go out early in the morning. Think, also, that the first days should not force too much.

Eat and hydrate well

Take care of your body, it is the engine of your bicycle. Try to maintain a varied diet rich in carbohydrates, proteins, vegetables, salads and fruits. And, above all, drink water to prevent cramps.

Help other cyclists

Traveling by bicycle a special empathy is generated towards those who, like you, are living a similar experience. If you see a rider in trouble, stand up to offer your help. You never know when you can be the one who needs a helping hand.

Be careful with the rain

Rain and wind are the main enemies of cyclists. Check the tires, the brake pads and try to stay on the marks that the cars have left on the wet asphalt. Also, think that the rain makes visibility difficult for drivers so wear bright colors and turn on the lights.

Maintain security measures

Always pedal in the same direction as the traffic and on the white line, do not exceed speed on steep descents, keep a safe distance if you go in a group and keep all your senses alert while driving.

With these tips to prepare a bicycle trip, you will be ready to hit the road and live one of the most exciting experiences of your life.


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