Stalking ruff Training

Stalking ruff Training

Perhaps one of our goals this year was to target several animals that we didn’t have in Spain, so we decided to go on the chase. We were going to Lorca this time; we got up early because it was too cold, so we were looking forward to our next adventure.

Fernando was going for a male ruff with the bow; once he got it, I would go with the rifle for a female; for this occasion, I chose my inseparable  Mauser M12  Extreme.

We did the first wait together, but it was not effective, so we decided to separate from having more opportunities. My afternoon of stalking was beginning, a bit frustrating since we couldn’t see anything, so we moved to another area where the last days were entering.

Stalking ruff Training

It was arriving and colliding with a group of ruffians, we began to sneak upon us, and I was lucky that it was a group of females, just what I was looking for. The guide told me that there was a very large one that could shoot, so we kept getting closer until we got to about 100 meters; the guide told me to shoot the biggest one, and I was a little astonished since I had never seen those animals I tell him that those beards did not sound like a female to me, but I am about to shoot.

The ruff falls dry; between excitement and joy, we get closer, and when we see it more closely, we realize that it was a male, so double emotion because I had taken a great trophy that I did not expect. Luck was on my side.

We take the corresponding photos to have a good memory, and we called Fernando to see how it was going and that they come to look for us and celebrate my launch.

The next morning Fernando leaves alone, and I stay resting, but I receive a call to please go to the hunting area and take the  Mauser to them. The thing was complicated, and they had no option to use the bow.

We all went in search of the ruined Fernando

After several hours of waiting and without any animal appearing, after trying to talk about it, we decided to change areas, and we were in an intermediate town. We go to the hunting ground, and we observe a great mountain, but we do not see anything, so we decide to go to the highest peak in the area that is very loving and hunt from top to bottom. After some deliberations, we separated; on the one hand, a guard and I will go, and on the other, Fernando will hunt with the other guard. After a while, we let them know that we had located a group of ruffians 300 meters away.

After finding the ruffians, it was up to the arduous task of discerning which one was going to be the chosen one since there was a large number and there were several who gave the profile.

When they already had them and their nerves were on the surface, Fernando loaded the 308 with a Geco Express bullet and decided to shoot. He corrects 12 clicks which is what tells me that I have to correct the ASV turret of his Zeiss visor, and he takes a breath, holds it, waits a couple of seconds that are like hours, and decides to shoot. Pum sounds a tremendous roar, but the shot has been accurate to the perfect heart; despite this, the ruff came shot down but would fall just 100 meters.


We got it in the minute discount that is usually said after touching the return home with immense happiness.

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