Selection of Shooting Stick

Selection of Shooting Stick

Selection of Shooting Stick


Each of the many types of shooting sticks has its advantages and disadvantages. The shooting stick is more or less just one or more sticks, and there is not much air about it. That is not the point of this product either. A shooting stick has a particular function; to create a good facility for your rifle.

One Leg

It does not get simpler. Not much more than a walking stick at times with a fork at the top, the one-legged shooting sticks (Know more about shooting sticks for hunting are now a rare sight. They only support the weight of the rifle and require a lot of experience to shoot accurately over. However, they have the advantage of deficient weight and are uncomplicated to line up. Even on models without technology, the height can be adjusted by gripping the slider lower by hand.


The two-legged ones are two sticks, which are attached about a hand’s width from the top. This creates a cradle when the sticks are pulled apart. The farther apart, the slower shooting position; there are many variations of two-legged and come i.a., in a cross model where the bracket can be moved up and down to adjust the height.


The tripod is often seen in connection with cameras, but in reality, the requirements are the same whether you shoot with bullets. The three-legged shooting sticks allow you to walk around the system as the holder can typically rotate all the way around, and the stick can stand on its own. This is an advantage if you overlook a wide strip of terrain where the game can come from several places.


These shooting sticks are tubes only ground with two feet, so it is only two-legged. Unique to these shooting sticks, there are also two support points on the rifle. This means the stick carries the rifle’s weight, and it’s nice if you have to stand for a long time with the rifle – e.g. if you are waiting for an animal to get up.

Support Legs

It is fixed on the rifle and is typically used for horizontal or seated shooting. There are both three- and two-legged versions, but the latter is the most-watched.


Shooting sticks are seen made in everything from cast iron to bamboo. Today, the most common materials are aluminum and carbon fiber. These are lightweight but still strong, and they require very little maintenance. Carbon fiber, or carbon called in English, is more robust, stiffer, and lighter than aluminum. Carbon fiber shooting sticks typically cost slightly more than the versions of aluminum. The smaller weight can also be a disadvantage, as a strong gust of wind can knock over a very light stick.

If you are more into traditional materials, wooden shooting sticks are made, both in one-, two-, three- and four-legged versions. Here the recommendation is to go for ash wood as ash is somewhat hardier than, e.g., Pine tree. Wood has some unexpected benefits; they are more robust and do not get cold as, e.g., aluminum. However, wood is somewhat heavier than the modern alternatives. Although the price is much higher, you can mostly expect a good product precisely because the competition has supplanted low quality.


The most commonly used feature of this equipment is probably height adjustment. It is easier to transport the shooting stick when it can be folded, mainly if you belong to those who use a stick of 190 cm.

Several sticks have magnets to hold the legs together during transport. An excellent feature that you should not remember to turn on or off.

The holder, fork, or cradle that supports the rifle’s front is available in many materials and designs. A rubber-coated cradle protects the stem from scratches and scuffs and makes sure that the rifle does not skate around.

Spirit levels are most often seen on tripods and are mainly aimed at camera enthusiasts. If you are into long-range shooting, it will also be relevant to you.

With all the delicious and high-tech choices, it is tempting to go for the top model. However, you can quickly risk getting paid for features you do not need, and it is not necessary.

One last point is that for every extra thing a particular cane can do, one more thing can fail. It’s annoying that your shooting stick with telescopic legs suddenly collapses because a lock has been damaged – so make sure to buy quality and remember to maintain.


Certain game species are timid, and it is difficult to get close to them. Here, a stable multi-legged shooting stick is the best choice as long shots require the most extraordinary stability from the plant.

When you strive for animals known to suddenly appear and just as quickly disappear again, such as. Sika, it is essential that you can set it in seconds.

Height and Stability

To get rid of the bottom vegetation, it is nice to have some height, but height also comes with less stability. A lying or sitting shooting position will usually be more stable than a kneeling or standing one. Other positions besides standing, however, are not usually possible. so the shooting stick must be set correctly. Most adjust the height of the folded shooting stick so that the holder is at eye level. When the legs of the shooting stick are unfolded, the holder comes down to the right height, and fine adjustments are made by pushing the legs closer together or further apart.


Most shooting sticks are black tubes with a plastic holder or cradle and a padded foam grip. This anonymous expression makes the shooting stick a little dull in someone’s eyes.

The more traditional wooden shooting stick with a holder made of the throwing rod from a fork buck is somewhat more exciting and does better as a walking stick. If you go hunting places and many people, it can be an excellent idea to market yourself and the hunt as more of a nature user than a shooter. Most people associate wood and natural materials with something cozy, so it takes the sting out that you are standing with a rifle.

Finally, there are the support legs that can quickly make your rifle look a bit more tactical cool. This slightly militant expression divides the waters, so be prepared for some will think it looks just legally Hollywood-like, and others will know where you bought it.

Weather Conditions

Most shooting sticks can withstand most things; rain, mud, and frost. It is important to keep the stick’s feet in mind under more harsh conditions. If frost or drought has made the ground hard, your shooting stick with spikes will stick slightly better than if it has round rubber or plastic feet.

If the ground is very muddy and muddy or there is a lot of snow, a foot with a large surface can be used to advantage.


If you hunt on the flat Lolland plains or in the hilly South Funen Alps, there is a big difference in which shooting stick is most aimed at you. When the terrain is very steep, and your shooting angles vary between uphill and down into the valley, a shooting stick that can be quickly adjusted in height is indispensable. Consider possible a one- or two-legged as they are generally faster to set up, work better as a walking stick and weigh and take up less space.

On flat terrain, the wind is often a factor. A very light carbon shooting stick blows over more quickly than a heavier one made of aluminum or wood. Consider whether you might even need a shooting stick with the option to put extra weight on. This will be especially beneficial if you also use your three-legged shooting stick for your camera or binoculars.


Precisely in this area, it can be tempting to save money – it’s just about finding a good tree or a fence post to lean on; why should I spend a lot of money on a cane? A shooting stick IS a good tool, so if the money is small, you can ask an older hunter how to tie two sticks together and make an almost free shooting stick. However, there are many excellent features that you do not get when I use the Søren Ryge stick, such as. The ability to quickly adjust the height with a single touch of a button.

With that said, it is a good idea to save a little together so you get a product you will be happy with and not just one you can afford. Good shooting sticks with good reliable functions come with hunting and create joy – cheap sticks that can not do what you need end up staying at home in the closet, and it is no use.

Assess the durability of the wear parts. Carbon fiber and aluminum are almost indestructible, so it is tedious to throw away a nice shooting stick because the rubber on the holder is worn or cracked, and it is not possible to buy a spare part. Also, remember that it is possible to put cheap locks and handles on a carbon fiber slider. If the money is not significant, consider a high-quality aluminum shooting stick rather than a questionable carbon fiber stick.

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