How to Choose a Quality Iron or Ironing Station?

How to Choose a Quality Iron or Ironing Station?

Before choosing the appliance you will use to iron your laundry from now on, here are the main differences between iron and an ironing station:

  • The price of the iron is lower than that of a station
  • ironing station is more voluminous (takes up more space)
  • The performance level is lower in the case of the iron
  • The steam jet is double in the case of the ironing station
  • The capacity of the water tank is higher in the case of the ironing station
  • Increased battery life due to lack of power cord (ironing stations)
  • The ironing process is faster in the case of the station
  • Increased portability in the case of the iron
  • Low consumption in the case of the iron
  • Multiple ironing possibilities in the case of the station
  • Lower weight of the ironing station (moving part)
  • Increased safety and protection for the ironing station

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How to Choose a Quality Iron or Ironing Station?

How to Choose a Quality Iron or Ironing Station?

Knowing these differences, the choice is entirely yours, which means that you will be able to enjoy a top purchase, especially if you consider the following features that your future iron must-have.

Power of the Device

In both the iron and the ironing station, its value must be above 2000 W; the best performing ironing stations can reach up to 3000 W, in which case no crease will remain on the ironed laundry. A good ratio between power and the ability to set the temperature will allow you to benefit from a high-quality product.

The Sole of the Device

It is one of the main elements that add value to a station or an iron, which must-have features such as anti-adhesion, innovative technologies such as Ultra Glide or AirGlide with self-cleaning function. The level of heating and heat retention contributes to the quality of the device purchased, and the type of material from which the device is made plays an important role:

  • Ceramics – is the most recommended, but it is very expensive
  • Teflon – has the disadvantage of being less resistant to external factors such as shocks and scratches
  • Stainless steel – can help to flush or burn clothes, although it is one of the most used types of materials
  • Aluminum – is often used, but like Teflon, it scratches very easily

Opt for a quality sole with unique features and technologies, able to offer you added value in the long run.

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Flow and Steam Jet

They have a lower value in the case of irons, while a station is even recommended for the quality and quantity of steam released in the process of ironing. The value it can reach is about 130 g / min for the iron and up to 390 g / min for the ironing station.

Special Technologies and Functions

The basic (standard) features of any of these devices include the self-cleaning, automatic shut-off, and anti-limescale function. For those who want more from their iron/ironing station, features such as ProVelocity Steam Generation, Automatic Steam Control, or Optimal Temp Pro Velocity will always make a difference and give you a capable device ironing to the highest quality standards.

Tank Capacity

In particular, in ironing stations, a tank with a large capacity (between 1, 2-1, 8 liters) will ensure the necessary autonomy for ironing the laundry for at least 2 hours. This way, you’ll be able to travel without having to worry about replenishing the station too frequently.. As for the iron, it generally has a low tank capacity of up to 0.3 liters, which does not give you as much autonomy as ironing stations.

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Product Warranty

In general, the warranty period for a product in both categories is 24-36 months, which means quite a lot, especially if we refer to the quality of a particular product. However, under a normal warranty, a top item can last up to 60 months without any problems.

The Price of the Device

It varies depending on the type of product purchased (between $18.10 and $362.05, in the case of irons, and between $84.49 and $1,086.30 in ironing stations). Report the purchase of any product to the budget you have set, but especially to meet all the categories mentioned above.

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