Good advice before choosing an exercise bike

There are major differences in the quality of exercise bikes on the market. So it pays to do a little preparation and research before making the decision. If you buy an exercise bike far too cheaply, there is a great risk that lack of quality will be an obstacle to the joy of exercising. Many people do not choose exercise out of desire, but out of the necessity of good general well-being, and here it is extra important that it is not bad material that kills the joy.

On the other hand, exercise bikes have been on the market for several decades, which means that you get many exercise equipment for the money if you compare it with the latest equipment such as—treadmill or cross-trainer. If you go for the absolute cheapest exercise bikes and possibly based on our review of the best models right now, you get a good balance between price and quality, and at the same time, make sure that everything is in place for you to get good exercise in the future.

Before deciding on choosing an exercise bike under 200, there are a few things you should consider. First and foremost, the bike must carry both you and possibly others in the household who may consider having to exercise with the bike. The models we have gone through here in the article can handle everyone from 130 and up. If you or someone else in the household is heavily built or overweight, the maximum personal weight is, of course, a factor you should take into account.

Most exercise bikes in the middle price range meet general requirements in functionality with a good selection of training programs and resistance levels. This also applies to the models we have reviewed. If you have special wishes in functionality, this is, of course, something you should take a closer look at. Some models have the option of connecting with mobile phones and tablets, and it does not have to cost extra if you, for example, choose a model such as Abilica Stream UB VIII.

If you are one of those who train very goal-oriented and with heart rate as the focus, you will probably be able to enjoy a precise heart rate belt. Not all exercise bikes support this. So remember to make sure you are compatible before purchasing. Also, be aware that the exercise bike may only be compatible with certain heart rate belt brands and models.

In the review, we have focused on exercise bikes that are aimed at use at home. The only exception is the Abilica Stream RB X seat bike, which is of professional quality. This is a big factor you should be aware of if the bike is to be used, for example, at work or in another professional context, where the bike may be used for many hours every day. The cheapest models are simply not built for such great wear.

Good advice for optimal exercise with an exercise bike

Some people consider the exercise bike to be a rather boring exercise tool, which is connected with the fact that it is reminiscent of the regular bike you use in everyday life. Therefore, it does not contribute anything special and exotic.

In practice, you will quickly lose the interest you had from day one for all forms of exercise machines, and from this moment, it is mostly about how you look at training and exercise. With an exercise bike, you get really good value for money and an exercise that activates all major muscle groups. Simultaneously, the bicycle is one of the few forms of exercise that does not strain the body’s joints unnecessarily – even during intense training.

All exercise bikes have the opportunity to choose a given resistance level, and then you can just “grind on” also. This is excellent exercise, but it is perhaps this that has unjustifiably given the exercise bike its reputation as boring among the people. Most people will benefit from using the many built-in exercise programs that make exercise varied and significantly more interesting. Here, there is generally warm-up, the actual training session, and subsequent slowing down, and the programs are also excellent guides for a non-profit training session.

Of course, you should read more about exercise and training from different sources, and as a rule, heart rate is a key factor in the best training theories. It is possible to find an individual and personal maximum heart rate. If you train around this area, it is quite possible to find a “sweet spot,” where the training gives maximum results without having to be bedridden afterward.

Heart rate measurement is a matter of course for all exercise bikes of reasonable quality, and this is also the case in the models we have reviewed in this article. If you do not want to go too deep into theory, you can also just experiment. The optimal performance should be at a level where you can keep the cadence for several minutes with the same intensity.

Interval training is an effective training method.

All modern research in training and exercise shows that interval training is the most effective way to train. The exercise bike normally has one or more built-in interval programs, but you can probably also do interval training in your way.

The point of interval training is that you perform your absolute maximum for a fairly short time, after which you “relax” at a slightly lower level. If you run with this pattern in a continuous sequence, it is a question of interval training. The intervals can be both short and long, and there are many different theories as to what the most successful way is.

A concrete example of an interval workout could be 10-20 minutes of training, where you switch between giving everything you can for 15 seconds, after which you “pause” for 15 seconds with moderate cadence. It’s hard, but measurements show that 10-20 minutes of interval training can replace hours of more common (and for many boring) continuous training.

However, the most important thing is that you get to exercise regularly, where you either experiment with advanced forms of exercise or just enjoy a ride on the exercise bike. At the same time, it may be pouring rain outside. However, about many other forms of exercise, the exercise cycle also provides several opportunities for alternative entertainment during exercise. For example, it is easy to put the bike in front of the TV or mount a book or tablet on the handlebars so that the time can be used optimally.

Good luck with your exercise

Regardless of how you intend to attack the training, we wish you good luck getting started with the form. You are welcome to start with this article. If you choose one of the mentioned models in this review, you can get a good training tool, which is almost already half of the project.

With good equipment, the daily training will, fortunately, be a little easier to handle, and within a few weeks or maybe just days, you will surely be able to see the difference in your form. Have a nice bike ride!


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