9 Field Rations

9 Field Rations

Field Rations: Nourishing and filling field rations are worth their weight in gold when you are on a survival trip, trekking, or camping. When you do not have a sausage cart, a pizzeria, or the local Fotex nearby, you must provide food and nourishment in another way.

Maybe you have the opportunity to gather berries and mushrooms or hunt game where you live – but if it’s not you, or if you just did not have the luck that day, what does it look like?

The body needs nourishment and energy to stay moving, especially when it comes to hiking or survival trips where you use your body physically for many hours a day.

9- Field Rations

9 Field Rations

Field rations consisting of a mix of freeze-dried ready meals, energy bars, and the like will become your new best friends when you lie under the open night sky and miss your otherwise sour cashier at home in the supermarket.

In this guide, we have collected 9 different suggestions for field rations that you can take advantage of on your next adventure. That way, you are guarded against hunger and lack of energy, and you can continue the journey in top form.

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Adventure Food Chili con Carne

Adventure Food has made this Chili con Carne ready-made dish, which only requires boiling water before it is ready. It weighs 134 grams, can last for 48 months, and contains approx. 600 calories.

Mil-Tec Daily Ration Package 4 (Hamburger)

Mil-Tec is behind this complete package, which contains a whole daily ration divided into many different ingredients. You will find i.a. a hamburger, water, sugar cane, rye bread, and jam and much else in the package that has a total caloric content of 3000 calories.

Pasta with Salmon and Pesto

Should it be simple, quick, and tasty, then you can consider this pasta with salmon and pesto from Trek’s Eat. The dish weighs 160 grams and is made quickly with boiling water.

Travel lunch Paella with Shrimp and Chicken

Travellunch is behind this bag of Paella with travel and chicken, which contains many of the necessary nutrients. There are 418 calories per serving. 100 grams dry weight, and the bag weighs 250 grams.

Trek’s Eat Quinoa – Mexican Style Vegan

Trek’s Eat Quinoa is for you who like Mexican and are not afraid of vegetables and plants. The vegan field ration weighs 140 grams and contains 596 calories.

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Blue Band Pasta with Cheese and Broccoli

Blue Ribbon is behind this bag consisting of a simple pasta dish with cheese and broccoli. A pre-cooked bag contains 671 calories and weighs only 153 grams.

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Compact Ration BP-5 Field Ration

Weizenriegel has made a compact field ration called BP-5, which weighs 500 grams and offers a whole daily ration consisting of 2020 calories in total.

Trek’s Eat Scrambled Eggs with Onions

If you quickly miss a good brunch, then this package of scrambled eggs and onions from Trek’s Eat can help you. High in protein and fat and you get 593 calories per serving. 100 grams.

Trek’s Eat Spice Carousel

The last bid on the list is this practical spice carousel from Trek’s Eat, which allows you to spice up your freeze-dried food a bit when you are on the go. The can contains 6 different spices resp: salt, black pepper, white pepper, garlic granules, curry, and paprika.

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